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OSA owner, and Chief Instructor William Lux was the winner of the Nebraska Trapshooting Association 2016 State Handicap Championchip, is an avid outdoorsman, and a Winchester Marksman, as well as an NRA Certified Instructor, RSO (Range Safety Officer) and Nebraska State Patrol Certified CCW Instructor.

Students for any pistol training will use the SIRT Training Gun for Classroom training.  This is a valuable tool in working on grip, stance, sight alignment and trigger control

All OSA Instructors are NRA Certified

Laser Equipped SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) Training Pistol

We are members and proud supporters of the these fine organizations and our Second Amendment Rights

Here at Omaha Shooting Academy we strive to bring you the best in personalized training, our instructors have well over 50 years of shooting experience in a variety of shooting disciplines.  Whether you are interested in Clay Target Sports, Basic Firearms Safety, Basic or Advanced Pistol Shooting Training, or your personal CCW Permit, exceeding your expectations and helping you shoot better is our goal.